Adams | Nye | Becht | LLP is a firm of civil trial lawyers. We provide our clients excellence in legal services, ready access to our attorneys and staff, zealous advocacy, outstanding results and client satisfaction. Our lawyers appear in courts throughout the State of California and have taken hundreds of cases to judgment. We bring depth, experience, initiative, aggressiveness, and imagination to court and to the negotiating table.

Adams | Nye | Becht | LLP understands that litigation is a hindrance to our clients, not a profit center. We emphasize strategies which bring our clients to an early decision point, while avoiding tactics that only prolong the litigation process and increase costs. We strive to reach a decision point and implement that decision as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Sometimes this means early evaluation and informed settlement discussions. Other times, it means successfully trying a case to verdict. It always means ongoing communication to make sure that our attorneys and our clients agree on a course of action which will end litigation with the least possible interference to our clients' business.

Adams | Nye | Becht | LLP attorneys closely monitor our clients' matters from beginning to end. In addition, we have a high level of automation in our calendar, billing, litigation support and communication systems, enabling us to operate efficiently and cost effectively.